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FlexAir® Threaded

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Fine Bubble Disc

The FlexAir™ disc diffusers provide operational flexibility with maximum oxygen transfer efficiency.

EDI’s 7-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch diameter diffusers employ a 3/4-inch diameter NPT (male) threaded connection for ease of installation/maintenance and universal application. Units can be mounted using the Universal Diffuser Mount and are also available with EDI’s innovative Spectrum Saddle Mount, which provides unmatched mechanical strength. Disc diffusers are constructed of glass-filled polypropylene and are suitable for deep tank (high-temperature) applications, as well as robust performance in cold weather service.

FlexAir disc diffuser units are available with premium quality EPDM membranes. The diffusers incorporate an external triple-check valve design to prevent intrusion of liquid or solids into the diffuser or air piping under normal on/off operating conditions.

The 9-inch Spectrum Saddle Mounted diffuser is also available with premium quality ceramic media diffusers. The ceramic disc diffuser is best suited for continuous aeration applications where maximum online service life is required.


FlexAir® T-Series

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Saddle Mount

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Fine Bubble Tube

The FlexAir T-Series diffuser unit is a fine pore, flexible membrane diffuser capable of providing a high level of oxygen transfer efficiency with maximum mixing flexibility.

These units are configured with a premium quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeve specifically perforated for high volumetric air handling capacity. For industrial and non-standard domestic applications, alternate membrane materials, including urethane, silicone, PTFE matrix and other specialty polymers. EDI offers diffusers in a variety of sizes to meet airflow requirements.

These units may be operated over a wide range of airflows. The external triple-check valve system eliminates the intrusion of water and solids into the diffuser unit and air supply piping under normal operating conditions.

Standard FlexAir T-Series diffusers with 3/4-inch NPT (male) stainless steel nipples are factory assembled and ready for installation. For specialty applications, alternate inlet connections are available.


Ceramic Saddle Mount

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